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How purchase of drawings works:


How We Calculate Square Feet: 


How we Calculate Width & Depth:


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Finding a plan:

            Using Spreadsheet:

1.      Download spreadsheet & open

2.      Use like any spreadsheet sort

3.      Highlight the column heading bar for all columns

4.      Under the Data pull down menu choose sort

5.      “Header Row” should be selected

6.      Select the primary criteria column heading that you want to sort by in the “Sort by” box (ie: sqr feet, Style, # bedrooms, width)

7.      Repeat step 5 for the “then by”  box with your secondary criteria.

8.      Repeat step 5 for the next “then by” box with your final criteria.

9.      Select OK and the spreadsheet should be re-arranged to reflect your criteria.

10.  Scroll thru list to find the drawings which best reflects your needs

11.  Click on the hyperlink to access the basic drawings.


            Using Square Footage

1.      Click on the link Labelled “By Square Footage”

2.      Scroll thru the list and click on the square footage of the house you would like to see.


            Using  Style